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Why hire a General Contractor?

Mercer County, Lawrence County, Crawford County, Beaver County and Butler County. What do that have in common? All Western Pennsylvania locations and also a common mindset of working hard and DIY. Fantastic areas to live in and fantastic mindsets to have as long as the DIY is something you feel well educated in and have the time and grit to get it done. But if you are like a lot of us, you may not have grown up in a construction family and it seems very foreign to you and thats where a general contractor comes into play for your next project. But why?

General contractors are needed from projects ranging in scale from a kitchen remodel to an addtition to a new home build all the way to a large project. The general contractor will come and take a look at what you would like to have done and help you develop your vision. Then they will put that vision together with a designer or architect. Then the general contractor will call all those needed (i.e. plumbers, electricians, HVAC installers, window suppliers, lumber suppliers,,etc.). Once they contact their subcontractos and receive their bids the general contractors will put together one bid which they present to you. After approval of the bid, the planning phase begins and it is the general contractors job to make sure everything is planned and that the plan is carried out. They keep track of all the materials, all the subs and handle all the unforseen issues that always arise with every project. It is also their responsibilty to make sure that all the city permits are in-hand and that all ruling regulations are followed and inspections are done and approved.

If this sounds like a lot, it is! But for a company that has been doing this since 1964 in the same area it is no sweat. We have working relationships with reputable architects, designers, engineers, electricians, plumbers, HVAC, the list goes on and on. We have county permit offices on speed dial and know the nuances of each individual counties expectations.

So when you look to start your home or office project, consider using a construction company with almost a century of experience on its resume. McElhinny Brothers Construction Company will be there from planning to ribbon cutting.

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